This week I was assembling a sizzle reel for a client of their recent media coverage. One of the clips looked fine when I previewed it in Finder and even when I opened it in QuickTime, but was stuttery in Premiere Pro. It seemed to be a problem with the frame rates, but I couldn’t seem to resolve it in a satisfactory way. Neither Premiere Pro nor Media Encoder could create a version that worked. Saving from QuickTime caused the quality to deteriorate unacceptably. I was about to give up, when I decided to try using Final Cut Pro, which I don’t much know how to use.

Ultimately I managed to figure out how to open the file in a project, place it in a timeline and save it out as a new version which worked great in the Premiere Pro project. I’m so used to only using Premiere for everything. This is a good reminder to try out some of the other tools I have laying around rather than banging my head against something for too long.

Tony Scida @tonyskyday